I now use my bike for work errands

26 February 2021

BetterPoints user Miriam tells us her story

Whilst Miriam remained active in lockdown, the activity she was doing wasn’t done with the energy or endeavour to offer much optimism.

Here is what she said about how using the BetterPoints app and joining Get Active Arbroath changed things for the better:

“I was walking daily, but I wasn’t putting any particular effort in. I would take the dogs out but go at a very gentle speed. I wasn’t exerting myself in any way shape or form. I had fallen off the wagon so to speak in terms of my fitness. It coincided with going into lockdown.

How has using the BetterPoints app changed your activity and travel habits?

The app has definitely given me the motivation to pick up my physical activity. I have been paying closer attention to the pace of my walks and how far I am going. I like the fact it gives me my previous times so I can see what I should be aiming for. Sometimes I am now walking further than I was previously.

I have also started to use my bike whilst at work. As I work in health care, I make trips to the chemist or on other such errands. I use my bike now whereas before I would have jumped in the car.

Are there other features from the app that you enjoy?

I am really keen to give to local charities. I have been volunteering for a befriending service and in support of those who are shielding during the pandemic. Whilst I can give my time I don’t have the means to donate any money. However, I can offer my BetterPoints! Being able to use the app to provide them with some financial gain in these difficult times is fantastic. I am currently saving up some points to donate to the Arbroath Animal Rescue Centre.

What health benefits have you noticed from being more active?

Since joining Get Active Arbroath I am generally feeling a lot better about myself. I am more optimistic that I can get back to a level of health and fitness where I want to be.

The Little Victories challenge has also been valuable in this. It has highlighted the positive things I have got going on in my life, what I am thankful for. It has also helped me to appreciate the day-to-day actions I can take to be kind to myself and others.” – Miriam P, Auchmithie

Big thanks to Miriam for sharing her story with the BetterPoints community. We are very proud to work for a company that makes such a difference in people's lives.

If anyone else would like to share how BetterPoints has positively impacted their health and well-being, please do so by getting in touch by emailing here.