When I can’t go for a walk I really miss it

15 March 2021

BetterPoints user Lesley tells us her story

Lesley was doing the odd stroll before she discovered the BetterPoints app. Barely a month later, she is gearing up to a do a marathon-distance charity walk. Here is what she had to say about how joining the Get Active Arbroath challenge has helped transform her activity levels.

How much physical activity were you doing before you got involved in Get Active Arbroath?

“It was actually quite low; I wasn’t moving very much at all. I was doing around 3,000 steps, so about 1.5 miles on my walks and I wouldn’t be going every day. My friend introduced the app and told me what it was all about. I signed up to the challenge around 3 weeks ago and my exercise has increased dramatically since. I am now the one mentioning it to other people, telling them about the benefits and encouraging them to join.

How has using the BetterPoints app helped? How have your activity habits changed?

It has really pushed me forward with getting active. Receiving rewards and prizes for my walks is a great encouragement. I am going to be doing a virtual ‘Kiltwalk’, where I will be walking around 26 miles to raise money for charity. The app is great for helping chart my progress, to see how far I am currently going, as I build towards the event at the end of April.

I have worked my way up to doing 8 to 10 mile walks a couple of days week at the moment. The app serves as a good reminder to make sure I am going for a lunchtime or evening walk, so I reach my daily target.

What health benefits have you noticed?

I’ve started to drop weight slowly but surely. My mental health is much improved too. I feel brighter, more cheerful than I did. My active routine is so important now that days when I can’t go out walking are not good. I have been unwell this week and I haven’t been able to move at all yesterday or today. I am really missing being able to exercise!” – Lesley E, Arbroath

Big thanks to Lesley for sharing her story with the BetterPoints community. We are very proud to work for a company that makes such a difference in people's lives. She has been chosen to be an ‘Active Arbroath Star’.